Buried Facility Locating

We specialize in locating any underground facility in many of the busiest and most congested fields and facilities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

One-Call Ticket Management

Many of our clients rely on us to manage their one call tickets, for the protection of their underground facilities.

Ground Disturbance Inspections

Inspections help identify unsafe conditions and work practices so that they can be eliminated or controlled before an incident occurs.

Mapping Services

Mapping ensures that all our client's needs are met and provide drawings that are easily understood, including those with busy and congested facilities.

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Client Testimonials

Our Operations Team

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Paul Richard President / CEO

In 2002, Paul founded Alberta Hot Line Inc. (AHL) a professional locating and inspection services company. AHL's team continues to develop and grow across Canada.

Donald Richard Vice President

Donald, with over 30 years of combined IT, business, and training experience, is responsible for staffing, planning, and overseeing most day-to-day operations. He brings with him work management abilities, project management skills, and consulting expertise which will be beneficial to Alberta Hot Line Inc, and its’ clients. His experience, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic will provide AHL with a focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and driving technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Joel Birdwell CIO

Based out of Calgary, Joel serves as Chief Information Officer and advisor to Alberta Hot Line's crews, staff, executives and Board of Directors.

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