Cenovus Recognition

AHL Locator Darren Takenaka and his assistant Yesid Florez were recognized by Cenovus construction and safety representative for their keen locating skills while performing ROW sweeps for Cenovus through the summer. Specifically, they had discovered a Bell fibre-optic cable within the Highway 56 parcel which would be crossed by new Cenovus pipelines. The surveys did not show the Bell fibre but the team discovered the cable about 1 metre from the fence line using the “fence-check” procedure.

Good work, Darren and Yesid! And thank you to all of the diligently hard-working AHL Field members who gave Alberta Hot Line a good reputation.

We ARE raising the bar for Locators in the industry! Thank you, and keep it up!

Paul Richard,
President AHL

Marvin Svoboda, AHL, accepting gifts on behalf of Darren Takenaka and Yesid Florez, from Cenovus EH&S representative, Jason Goudie.

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