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Welcome To Alberta Hot Line

Alberta Hot Line’s head office is in Drumheller and, from this base of operations, delivers line locating, inspection and mapping services as well as educational services are provided to North America (and abroad) by its staff working from their offices from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast.


Alberta Hot Line endeavors to develop and follow comprehensive high quality standards, guidelines, best practices, means and methods, courses, training and instructional materials for owners, operators, installers, regulators, users, inspectors, line locators, and others to assist in the damage prevention process.

Quality Control

Alberta Hot Line will perform the task at hand in a safe, professional, and timely manner. We have developed and implemented quality control procedures to coincide with our clients’ quality assurance processes. AHL provides our clients with computer-generated drawings that can be easily understood. We verify information on our drawings is accurate, well documented, and is fully discussed and understood by our clients before any ground disturbance takes place.

Proven Track Record

Alberta Hot Line’s employees are experienced, qualified locators and inspectors with a proven track record. AHL is responsible for ensuring everything reasonable and practical has been done to avoid damage of any, and all underground facilities. We have a solid reputation withing the line locating industry (since 1981) as experienced locators, providing our clients with critical information related to damage prevention efforts in many of the busiest and most congested fields and facilities in Western Canada.

Health, Safety & Environment

Alberta Hot Line operates in a manner to protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers, and the public. We protect the environment while complying with government laws and regulations. AHL utilizes all means at our disposal, including the competencies identified in CAPULC’s Underground Facility Locator’s Field Task Manual, that have been proven effective through years of experience and under various conditions, to provide a safe and effective work environment. We partner with our clients in maintaining a safe workplace. We have obtained our Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Our Personnel

  • President: Paul Richard
  • Email:prichard@albertahotline.com
  • Administration: Kim Richard
  • Email:klrichard@albertahotline.com
  • CIO: Joel Birdwell
  • Email:jabirdwell@albertahotline.com
  • Mapping & Inspections: Allen Misson
  • Email:amisson@albertahotline.com
  • Brooks, AB
    Yesid Florez, Locator
  • Email:yflorez@albertahotline.com
  • Brooks, AB
    Amy Despres, Locator
  • Email:adespres@albertahotline.com
  • Medicine Hat, AB
    Zurich Heglund, Senior Locator
  • Email:zheglund@albertahotline.com
  • Phone:(403) 580-1262
  • Edmonton, AB
    Adam Grossberndt, Regional Manager
  • Email:agrossberndt@albertahotline.com
  • Phone:(587) 645-3511
  • Edmonton, AB
    Julien DeRede, Locator
  • Email:jderede@albertahotline.com
  • Phone:(403) 334-4499
  • Vice-President: Donald Richard
  • Email:drichard@albertahotline.com
  • Senior Product Manager: Sam MacDonald
  • Email:smacdonald@albertahotline.com

Our Team

Adam Grossberndt Senior Locator

Adam is passionate about helping shape the future for the locating industry by utilizing his skills and knowledge he has gained in this industry for over 12 years.  Adam has successfully completed many complex utility and buried facility locates in all areas, such as urban or rural, industrial plant sites, oil and gas, and others.  Adam currently is the Area Supervisor/Senior Locator/Inspector for Edmonton and area. He manages the locating for the Edmonton TransEd LRT expansion and other projects in and around Edmonton and beyond.

Yesid Florez Locator

Yesid has been working with Alberta Hot Line for 4 years as a Locate Assistant and Locator. He is based in southern Alberta but his work has also taken him north to the Ft. McMurray area, west into the foothills of the Rockies, and into western Saskatchewan.

Donald Richard Vice President

Donald, with over 30 years of combined IT, business, and training experience, is responsible for staffing, planning, and overseeing most day-to-day operations. He brings with him work management abilities, project management skills, and consulting expertise which will be beneficial to Alberta Hot Line Inc, and its’ clients. His experience, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic will provide AHL with a focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and driving technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Paul Richard President / CEO

In 2002, Paul founded Alberta Hot Line Inc. (AHL) a professional locating and inspection services company. AHL's team continues to develop and grow across Canada.

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