3D Modelling Services

3D Modelling Services

Alberta Hot Line (AHL) specializes in providing fully integrated locating, mapping, 3D modelling and animation services. “It’s a jungle under there” provides a realistic description of the network of pipes, cables and other structures that lie beneath the surface. Alberta Hot Line’s strategic process to map this underground infrastructure begins with assessing the project area to determine the best available methodologies and technologies for capturing underground data.

Multi-Sensored Technologies

AHL uses multi-sensored technologies including electromagnetic (EM), ground penetrating radar (GPR), magnetic , and GPS to maximize the reliability and accuracy of captured field-data. We also use geo-referenced photography to capture surface infrastructure. Our locating methods and technology selections depend primarily on the target facility.

3D Aerial Scanning

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) or drones use high-performance lasers and cameras to capture kinematic laser maps, HD videography and aerial photography. AHL uses this data to create 3D replicas of buildings, terrain, surface infrastructure and other objects. We also, use our drones for remote sensing, right of way monitoring and inspection services.

Visualize the Jungle

AHL utilizes sophisticated software to render field-captured data to create traditional 2D plan view maps, as-builts, cross section views, and AutoCAD geo-referenced drawings; and 3D wireframes, models, and animations. These allow the end-user to visualize “The Jungle Under There” while cross referencing surface structures.

Customized Solutions

AHL’s customized solutions provide benefits by reducing overall project costs and delays in construction changes, streamlining co-ordination among stakeholders, managing potential facility conflicts, and minimizing risks to people, infrastructure and the environment.